Secure your legacy

Become part of something bigger and achieve more together

Who we are

Strategic holding company of growth-oriented financial planners who value their clients, employees, independence and legacy

Arven acquires majority stakes in market-leading financial planners with excellent reputations and strong client-focused cultures. We are a team of experienced operators and successful investors, with a proven track record of transforming businesses into market leaders. We will bring fresh perspective on growth but also the energy and resources to execute on what you believe the business can become whilst you retain operating autonomy. We are not influenced by a predetermined investment horizon. We are in it for the long run.

What we believe

Stronger together

We believe in the power of combining the talent, entrepreneurialism, focus and creativity of independent advice firms with the capital and infrastructure of a larger firm without compromising their independence and what makes them a unique trusted advisor to their clients.

Our Commitment

Continue to grow while securing your independence and legacy

Leadership continuity

We will never turn entrepreneurs into employees. We believe in an empowered team who think like owners and share in the financial rewards. We recognise that you have built an enduring business and team. We are not looking to change that. We want to add to it. Continue managing and growing the business with no disruption to clients and employees.

Support operations

Work with you to determine what you need to get to the next level and then provide hands-on support to make it happen. Whether that be streamlining operations, improving marketing, enhancing technology, helping with talent management, assisting in developing a local market firm-specific strategy or relieving the burden of administrative tasks through access to central services.

Drive inorganic growth

Grow faster and larger than you could on your own because scale brings more opportunities for your employees and greater capabilities for your clients.

Enable succession planning

Raise up the next generation of leadership. When it is time to empower them, we will step in to provide liquidity and ensure continuity with a multi-generational legacy for your firm.

Join us

Achieve more together

Our sole aim is to grow your business. There will be no other distractions. We are stewards of your legacy.

We are all in. This is our sole focus. We are fully committed to our collective success.